Flanders Moss Nature Reserve

You can enjoy the beautiful wilderness here by strolling along an all-abilities boardwalk, with a viewing tower that gives fantastic views across the reserve.

A stroll along the boardwalk at Flanders Moss takes you into a remote and water-logged land. All year, the mosses create a carpet of reds, oranges and greens. In spring and summer, seas of bog cotton wave in the breeze and the Moss is noisy with the calls of nesting birds. Frogs and toads jump in and out of pools and lizards bask on the boardwalk. 

In August, heather adds its purple to the vivid moss greens, while the calls of geese and swans break the stillness of dusk in winter. 

Top attractions

  • Enjoy panoramic views over a vast expanse of bog from our viewing tower.
  • Get up close to see unusual plants and colourful wildlife.
  • Explore the peatland habitats on our trail. Look out for adders, Scotland’s only native snake.

Visit in May-June for plants and autumn-winter for birds of prey and geese.

The 900 metre boardwalk is accessible for all with everyday shoes. 

Flanders Moss car park is 10 miles west of Stirling.

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Flanders Moss Nature Reserve
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