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About Central Scotland Islamic Centre

Central Scotland Islamic Centre is the local masjid of the Muslims of Stirlingshire. It has provided a number of facilities and services to the local community for over twenty years.

The Central Scotland Islam Centre has a Muslims WomeThe Central Scotland Islamic centre was established by the local Muslim community 20 years ago and was the only centre for many years. As the community grew, the Centre moved to the present location which was much bigger and more central for the community.

The centre provides an array of services to the Muslim community and caters for all its spiritual needs. It has a large community hall which is used by many groups.n Group which has a number of activities and fundraisers throughout the year. They also have regular classes on Friday morning where aspects of Islamic life and teachings are taught. There are also a number of short courses and classes ranging from beginners to advanced.

  • Primary services: The main services would be to provide a clean and safe place to pray and worship. This is closely followed by education and study - whether in the form of study circles, classes or even just a bayan before Jumma or after salah.
  • Daily and Jumma prayers: Salah is the main form of worship in Islam. It differentiates between a Muslim and a Non -Muslim. There is salah prays with congregation five time a day. Jumma prayer is also performed in each centre.
  • Deaths: Deaths are a sad time for any community.The Muslim community bears a great responsibility to provide a comprehensive funeral service as well as provide support and condolences for the believed family. All centres offer these services are are only too happy to assist and advise. There are local burial sites in Falkirk and Stirling.
  • Weddings: Marriage is the core of one of the most important relationships. In Islam, marriages is not only encouraged but is an essential part of Islam and family life.
  • Births: We can assist in religious guidance for the parents of any new born. The child is an adult of the future, a good upbringing and a wholesome environment to grow up in is also essential.
  • Children Quran Classes: The Qu`ran is the central principles and guidelines by which Muslims live their lives. This is taught in the original Arabic by all the centres.
  • Language Classes: The type of Islamic classes vary between each centre and requirement of the community. The languages tend to vary from English to Urdu. Other classes do take place outside the centres.
  • Eid Salah: Twice a year we have special sunnah salah on the day of Eid. These are performed in the main (Jumma) Masjids.

Sunday        Closed
Monday  09:00 - 17:30  Open
Tuesday  09:00 - 17:30  Open
Wednesday  09:00 - 17:30  Open
Thursday  09:00 - 17:30  Open
Friday  09:00 - 17:30  Open
Saturday        Closed
Central Scotland Islamic Centre
  • Burghmuir Road,
    Burghmuir Road, FK7 7NZ
  • 01786 474324

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