Battle of Bannockburn Experience

Battle of Bannockburn Experience

Visit the multi-award-winning Battle of Bannockburn experience and witness the battle like never before, with fully immersive 3D scenes bringing the battle to life.

  • Interact with medieval warriors, pages, archers and knights on either side of the conflict as they reveal how they became involved in the battle.
  • Take command of your own virtual battlefield to try and re-create the battle, and then witness Bruce’s decisive victory, against all odds.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Robert the Bruce in our memorial park and see the spot where he raised his royal standard.
  • Prepare for battle at our multi-award-winning visitor centre. 
  • Take your place on the battlefield and stand face-to-face with fearless medieval warriors. Witness two opposing kings – Robert the Bruce and Edward II – whose tactics in 1314 changed the path of Scotland’s history, forever.

The Battle of Bannockburn experience puts you at the heart of the action. With cutting-edge 3D technology, you can experience medieval combat like never before and discover more about this crucial event in Scottish history. 

Outside, the landscaping and parkland around the centre allow visitors to appreciate the battleground and restored commemorative monuments, including the iconic statue of Robert the Bruce by Pilkington Jackson, cast in shimmering bronze. 

Entry is by pre-booked time slots. Pre-book to guarantee entry.


  • 3 Jan–28 Feb, daily, 10.00–17.00
  • 1 Mar–31 Mar, daily, 10.00–17.30
  • Current period1 Apr–30 Sep, daily, 09.30–18.00
  • 1 Oct–31 Mar 2020, daily, 10.00–17.00
  • 25 Dec–26 Dec, closed
  • 1 Jan–2 Jan, closed

What to expect

Your visit will take you through a thrilling 3D interpretation of characters and events as you ‘Prepare for Battle’. It culminates in a visit to the Battle Room where you can either take part in a battle with other visitors or watch as it plays out.

Please note that the 3D battle experience is a dark and loud environment. There is very low lighting throughout and there are often loud, overlapping noises from the various battle scenes (including scenes of a violent nature). Unless otherwise requested, visitors should expect to be on their feet most of the time when touring the main exhibition; a visit lasts approximately 80 minutes.

The battle experience room is kept at cooler temperatures to keep our technology from overheating. We advise bringing a jacket if you get cold easily.  The 3D battle experience takes place in an open plan area. 

Grounds, shop and café

While entry to the 3D experience is via paid, timed-entry slots, visitors are welcome to explore the outdoor grounds and access the café and gift shop for free.

Suitability for children 

The Battle of Bannockburn experience portrays the often brutal consequences of medieval conflict in a dark, immersive 3D environment. Highly realistic computer-generated imagery shows soldiers being killed and injured, and includes dramatic close-ups of men being struck with arrows, axes and swords. This is a theatrical, violent (but bloodless and not overly graphic) depiction of medieval battle.

Parents, teachers and guardians should consider what is age-appropriate for children in their care.

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Battle of Bannockburn Experience
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