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Frog Connects Local People With Local Jobs

Why should businesses and organisations be financially penalised for bringing employment to their local area?  Finding the right talent can be a frustrating and expensive experience.

Frog has made local recruitment easy. You simply post details of the role and the skills you require and within a few clicks your advert is available on Frog within your local community area – being viewed by local people seeking local jobs.

Local Jobs feature is coming soon. Register now to be the first to know once it is ready.

Rich in features and cost-effective

Our unique LOCAL JOBS section will allow you to post adverts for full and part time roles, volunteers, apprentices, Saturday jobs, interns – in fact any type of employment - and if you have a Gold or Platinum listing you can post as many jobs as you want for free – potentially saving you hundreds of pounds!

With a Frog job listing you can upload details of the role, an image, closing dates, skills and experience required, downloadable job description, brochures etc and of course your contact details.  And if you haven’t found the right applicant within your timescales – simply extend the closing date or edit your listing to make it more attractive.

Our LOCAL JOBS feature will be coming to FROG this month so if you’re thinking of recruiting soon please consider creating your profile now.

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