YDance (Scottish Youth Dance)

Our mission is to work through key partnerships in education, culture, health and sport, to provide high-quality dance experiences across three main areas of work – Talent Development, Education, and Access and Participation.

**Our mission**

To work through key partnerships in education, culture, health and sport, to provide high quality dance experiences for all children and young people in Scotland.

**Our key objectives **

To focus on getting young people dancing, building a robust educational infrastructure and providing a ladder of opportunities from beginners to professional performers and creators.

**Talent Development Objectives **

  • To provide opportunities for young people to develop their talent and ability in dance to a high level
  • To challenge young dancers to aim for a professional standard of work
  • To offer young dancers the experience of working with established professional choreographers
  • To develop and produce work which will showcase the best of young talent in dance in Scotland and perform such work both in Scotland and internationally
  • To work in partnership with the wider dance sector to establish clear, well-resourced development pathways to enable young dancers to progress from participation to professional training and work

**Education Objectives **

  • To lead the development of dance in education in Scotland
  • To develop current practice and shape future delivery of dance in schools
  • To support the Experiences and Outcomes for Dance in Curriculum for Excellence, and support additional subject areas through dance
  • To inspire and train teachers to use dance in schools
  • To inspire and educate young dancers and teachers by providing educational workshop programmes linked to high quality dance productions


**Access and Participation Objectives **

  • To provide a wide range of inspiring, inclusive and appropriate creative dance experiences for children and young people across Scotland
  • To deliver dance experiences which put the young people at the centre of the work
  • To ensure high quality dance experiences across all parts of Scotland, reaching children and young people of all ages and abilities
  • To enable dance provision in local areas to be sustainable, and to raise awareness of the positive effects of dance for children and young people
  • To train and develop participatory dance delivery skills in dance workers and educators To provide development opportunities for young people in dance and dance leadership

Sunday  10:00 - 13:00  Closed
Monday  09:30 - 17:00  Open
Tuesday  09:30 - 17:00  Open
Wednesday  09:30 - 17:00  Open
Thursday  09:30 - 17:00  Open
Friday  09:30 - 17:00  Open
Saturday  09:00 - 17:30  Closed

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