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At any point in time there are 100s of volunteering opportunities in Glasgow looking for people like you to help!

There’s a huge variety of activities you can get involved in – with a wide range of organisations, charities, community groups and clubs – and some opportunities only need a few hours each month.

Drop in to see us 

You are very welcome to drop in to our city centre office during opening hours (Tuesdays & Wednesday 9.30-4.30; and Thursday 9.30-6.00) and search online using our internet PCs with help and guidance from an adviser.

About Volunteer Glasgow

volunteerglasgow.org is maintained and developed by Volunteer Glasgow in partnership with the hundreds of volunteers, community activists, community groups, charities, businesses, social enterprises, and other volunteer involving organisations that help to inspire people to take action and devote their energies to improving the world around them for the benefit of their neighbours, their communities, their city, and their environment.

Volunteer Glasgow is the operating name of the Volunteer Centre – the Centre for Volunteering, Community Action and Employment Initiatives – which was established in 1970, is a company limited by guarantee (166042), is governed by a Board of (experienced and skilled volunteer) Directors, and is registered as a Scottish Charity (SC005462) with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.In addition to promoting and supporting volunteering, Volunteer Glasgow has established a successful track record in providing community development, befriending/mentoring, training, community care, and advisory services to the general public and to a range of specific client groups across the city.

Volunteering is the lifeblood of our 21st Century, democratic, civil society. Tens of thousands of people in Glasgow choose to do something without remuneration to run sport and the arts,support other people when they’re vulnerable, provide programmes and activities for our children and young people, govern charities and community groups, raise funds for charity, protect and enhance the environment, develop other people’s skills, provide mutual support, health and social care services, and campaign for change.

Volunteer Glasgow is one of a number of key partners developing and delivering Glasgow’s Strategic Volunteering Framework together with Glasgow Life, GCVS, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, the NHS, Glasgow’s schools, colleges and universities, the private sector, Glasgow Works, VDS, SCVO, VAS, and the city’s voluntary sector networks

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