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Semi-Permanent make up, also known as SPMU or micropigmentation, is a revolutionary method of inserting small amounts of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance a woman’s features.

-Semi-Permanent makeup typically consists of application of eyeliner, eyebrow simulation, and lip color.

This state-of-the art procedure has been used by models, actors, and entertainers as a means of enhancing their appearance. Beyond the mere aesthetic value, with the savings in time, money, and daily frustration, it is easy to see why semi-permanent cosmetics have been called the “make up of the future.”

The hugs and appreciation Lorraine receives from her clients is what makes it all worthwhile.  Clients are always telling her that she has given them confidence and changed their lives and this is the motivation to keep learning and to be the best at what she does helping others is such a fulfilling and wonderful life changing experience.  This is the reason that Lorraine loves her chosen field of Permanent Cosmetics with 100% passion.
To discuss your desired look with Lorraine, get in touch and she will offer you a FREE no obligation consultation and she will help you with the first steps in making this time changing decision.

LC Brows are proud to announce our new scalp pigmentation service from our sister company, Scalp Therapy Scotland. Get in touch to find out how we can help you recapture your youth, fight the signs of premature male baldness or combat alopecia.

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