Marketing Support

Make the most of your investment in Frog by taking full advantage of the simple promotional tools that we offer.

Promote your presence on Frog

To assist you in the promotion of your Frog Listing, we have provided you with a number of digital marketing tools. You can download and use these badges and banners on your websites and social media networks. Just remember to add a link to your listing on Frog to them so that people can reach you when they click on them.

Plus don’t forget to add a link to your Frog listing in your email footer!


Go Social with Frog!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@frogdotnet) and Facebook (@frogdotnet) and we’ll follow right back. Remember to tag us when you post and we’ll make sure that repost any content your publish.

We’ll be constantly adding new and fresh content to our social media channels so if we be regularly sharing informative and engaging posts and tweets from the Frog community.

If your post is specific to Frog then make sure you use #frogconnects

You may also want to consider linking your listing through Facebook and Twitter. Simply copy and paste your listing’s URL and add it to the “links” section on Facebook and “Website” section on Twitter to invite your friends.

More people than you think, check this part of your social profile.

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