About Frog

Frog Systems believes that Frog is the first UK platform to bring communities together.

If you don't know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.

Henry Kissinger

For the first time, Frog provides a single Go To place for local information including what’s-on events, local jobs, community and support groups and other real-time information/news that people are demanding today.

Frog connects citizens with the services, support, community organisations, activities, events and business that are local to them.

Whether you are looking for an addiction support group, something to do at the weekend or fancy taking up a new hobby, Frog can help you find the local information that you need within a couple of clicks. No more aimless searching – just finding.

At Frog’s heart lies the aim of tackling multiple health and social care issues by encouraging citizens to lead healthier and happier lifestyles. With isolation, loneliness and fitness widely recognised as major health issues, the provision and sharing of local information is of vital importance if the models of self-directed support and social prescribing are to be brought to life.

Although awareness of these issues is well known, the biggest single issue remains the lack of visibility and ease of access to information about the many clubs, community groups and support networks operating within local communities – Frog is designed to address this.

Frog is literally your personal home on the web.

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